Tanya Morgan Releases 'Be Right Back' EP

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Tanya Morgan is planning to release an album this summer, but the duo isn’t making their fans wait until then for new music. Donwill and Von Pea have dropped the Be Right Back EP as an appetizer to the main course coming later this year.

“We recorded this EP about two weeks ago and it follows in our longstanding tradition of putting an EP out before an album,” Donwill tells HipHopDX. “The title comes from just that — when we drop an EP it means that we’ll be right back with an album shortly after.”

He adds, “It’s kinda taken a deeper meaning for me these days though because some days it doesn’t feel like things will be back to normal anytime soon, but as a crew, we’ve just been reminding ourselves that it’s one day at a time. Pay attention to the journey, not the destination, take care of yourself in each moment, control what you can and worry about the outcome when you get there, you know? We’ll be back soon and you will too, just do everything you can to make sure you get there happy and whole.”

Check out Tanya Morgan’s Be Right Back stream, cover art and tracklist below.

1. Be Right Back (Intro)
2. Resurrection
3. Stay Away
4. Mack 10
5. Across The Spot

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