Beans On Toast Confirms Two New Studio Albums

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English songwriter and DIY force Beans On Toast has shared plans for two new albums.

The ‘lockdown album’ is set to be a music trope for the foreseeable future, with innumerable songwriters using their spare time to focus on new projects.

Beans On Toast has always been super-productive, and he’s used 2020 as space for two separate LP endeavours.

Out on December 1st, ‘Knee Deep In Nostalgia’ and ‘The Unforeseeable Future’ occupy two different spaces in his life.

The double release is led by ‘The Album Of The Day’, a real-life endeavour that sees Beans listen to a classic album in full with his daughter.

A rumination on the canon, ‘The Album Of The Day’ is a fun walk-through music history with some neat reference points, too.

Tune in now.