Vinyl Artwork Rejected By Paul McCartney For Being “Too Unflattering” Is Being Auctioned For Charity

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For over a decade, the Secret 7″ project has raised money for charity by auctioning off limited-edition vinyl records featuring new, exclusive artwork from artists all over the world, paired up with songs by some iconic musicians. The project was relaunched by War Child in 2023 after a couple years away, and Paul McCartney is a participant, offering up limited-edition copies of “Pipes Of Peace.” Each of the seven songs selected by the project every year receives 100 different pieces of artwork, but one piece of artwork was apparently too much for the McCartney camp.

Wilfrid Wood, a London sculptor and illustrator who seems to be quite successful in his field, created an original piece and submitted it to the project, but per an Instagram post, his contribution this year “was BANNED by Macca and the gang because it was TOO UNFLATTERING.” But Wood is auctioning off his sculpture anyway, and all the proceeds will go to War Child UK.

The auction launched last week but there’s still a few hours left. Bidding right now stands at over £800.

The 700 different artworks for the latest iteration of the Secret 7″ project were on display at NOW Gallery all this month. Auctions for all of those limited-edition pieces will launch soon.