6ix9ine Makes His Mother Regret Riding Shotgun In His Lambo

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From his laundry list of feuds to his reputation as a rat, 6ix9ine’s controversial antics have upset a lot of people over the years, but now he’s even upset his own mother.

The Brooklyn lyricist offered to take his mother out for a bite to eat on Tuesday (April 26) in his Lamborghini, but what she didn’t expect was for him to drive it the way he did. In a video posted to his Instagram Story, 6ix9ine asks his mom what she’d like to eat, and as she answers, he mashes the gas pedal launching them forward. His mother’s terrified reaction was hilarious and put a smile on 6ix9ine’s face.

“Yo I’m crying,” 6ix9ine wrote alongside the clip. “Who told her get in the lambo.”

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It’s nice to see 6ix9ine being playful with his mother considering all the negative publicity he’s been getting since his return to the public eye earlier in April. Admittedly, the rainbow-haired spitter has made a few other positive headlines these past few days.

On Monday (April 25), he was seen passing out $50,000 in cash to an impoverished family in Mexico, which 6ix9ine explained on Instagram happened after he was heading to the airport and drove past a hut on the side of the road. He said he felt inspired to gift the family living there $50,000, which was equivalent to one million pesos.

Royce Da 5’9 saw the kind gesture and re-posted it to salute the self-proclaimed King Of New York.

“I don’t care what he is.. This is dope,” Royce wrote.

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6ix9ine performed another generous act on Sunday (April 24) by handing out money to a couple selling flowers on the side of the road. 6ix9ine explained he was once again on his way to the airport when he saw the couple and decided to give them $20,000 he planned on blowing at the club later that night.

“I was going to spend 20,000 last night in the club but I didn’t get to do so but I spent it on something better,” he wrote on Instagram. “LETS GET BACK TO IT.”

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